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How Creativity is like a Flame

16 Dec, 2020 Shain Wiederholt Brand & Traditional Advertising

Try to hide it, and it’ll just burn the whole place down.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that despite the limitations of a slowed economy, smaller teams, working from home and more, agencies around the world have continued to produce smart, entertaining campaigns. So, we want to celebrate by showing some of our favorite campaigns from this year. Watch at your leisure, and hopefully nothing else happens during these last few days of 2020.

Save the Couches, DEFY (CircusTrix) – Fluid

Proof that big ideas can thrive without a lot of resources (or craft services), this shameless plug was applauded by both our client and their audience.

Match Made in Hell, Match.com – Maximum Effort

If you’ve ever seen any of his movies, you know that Ryan Reynolds is a comedic genius. His team at Maximum Effort are certainly no different. Everything they produce reminds us of the words of the great Dan Wieden, “Say what you wish somebody would say” by consistently living in territory only the creatively brave would dare venture.

Literally anything from Burger King

The 2019 Marketers of the year have continued to blow minds throughout 2020. They might not be our favorite fast food chain, but if we said we our jealousy of the King’s ideas didn’t keep us up at night, then we’d be lying.

Peterson + Cox, State of Utah

In a year full of political turmoil (and advertising), there was one ad in particular that stood out for us—a middle-ground ad of Utah’s two gubernatorial candidates encouraging a peaceful transition of power. We may be a little biased (we worked on the Cox for Governor campaign), but it was no doubt a nice change of pace for political ads. Hopefully more like it follow suit in years to come.

Groundhog Day, Jeep – Highdive

Easily the best Super Bowl ad this year, and not because the bar was low. This ad was pure genius, expertly timed and perfectly executed.

Also, literally anything from KFC – Wieden + Kennedy Portland

You can’t mention how great one fast food giant did in 2020 without mentioning this one—KFC. The joke of a different actor playing the mascot in every campaign has been going strong for years now, and the ideas are still just as crazy. 2020 saw everything from sold-out KFC Crocs to a Lifetime movie, “A Recipe for Seduction,” and they just keep producing ideas that are Finger Lickin’ Good.

You Can’t Stop Us, Nike – Wieden + Kennedy Portland

There’s literally nothing more we can say about this one. Watch and enjoy.

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