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Home Service Industry and Paid Social Media: 4 Ways to Reach Your Audience

10 May, 2017 McKell Naegle

Social media advertising provides a more targeted and direct way to reach potential customers in the home service industry.

The Utah home market is booming. Jobs are rising with more and more people heading to the “Silicone Slopes,” and with that, the home service industry is experiencing unprecedented success and demand. Whether it be home electronics and automation, HVAC, home repairs, or even landscaping, there is demand across the board. So, how can you and your business capitalize on this growth and see more clients?
There are numerous ways to reach your audience, but the focus of this article is social media –specifically, paid social for the home service industry.

Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube provide great opportunities to reach your potential customers, providing an easy way to target people with a tailored message. Below are four tips to make the most of paid social media in the home service industry.

1. Target Local

Gone are the days of going door-to-door or relying on referrals only. Today, you can target specific consumers in a very specific area. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms allow you to pinpoint by city and a certain demographic within that city. Looking for new home buyers in the Layton, Utah area? No problem. You can get that specific. You can even promote your business to those near your physical locations.

2. Reach Customers at Peak Times

In addition to reaching people in the right places, you can reach them at the right times. Nearly every ad platform allows you to choose what time of day you want your ads to be shown. Are customers most interested in your service in the mornings, or only on the weekends? You can choose to run your ads during those prime times.

Take the time to test and retest. Finding the most productive times to run your ads isn’t easy, but once you nail it down, you’ll spend your money more effectively and see more interest in your business.

3. Enhance Your Branding, Name Reputation and Customer Reviews

The home service industry is all about trust. There’s a reason why people often rely so heavily on referrals. As such, a big play in your marketing handbook is branding. People need to trust your business. By running ads that help potential customers see your business and what it stands for, trust will grow. Below are a few ideas to help brand your business as a trusted expert:

  • Video testimonials: The rise of video is real. Consider taking the time and money to create a professional video showcasing your product and your happy customers. People love to see real customers and how they feel about your product. Sharing this across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube is key.
  • Share your company culture: Do you own a family business that prescribes to certain values and standards? Then let people know! Be proud of who you are and share that across social media. People will take note and listen.
  • Be active on social media. The best part about this is that it’s free. If people are responding to your social posts and ads, then respond back. Take note of comments and shares, thank people for their interest, respond to questions, and — most importantly — respond to negative reviews and win back customers.


4. Go Mobile

Oftentimes, people aren’t sitting at their computer searching for the answer to a home service question. They’re on the go and on their phone. When a specific issue or problem arises, they’ll go mobile to address that concern. By having your ads present and optimized for mobile devices, you’ll be there when people need you the most.

These are just a few tips to get you started advertising your home service business on social media. But the most important thing is to try new things, reach your desired audience, and build a good reputation. While the industry is always changing, it still provides an invaluable way to reach a platform that your audience is on.

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