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Have a Home Service Business? Why You Need Google AdWords

8 May, 2017 McKell Naegle

Hiring a home service business isn’t a quick or simple process.

Four to five years ago, the average consumer looked at 4.1 sources of information about something they were considering to purchase. Today, that number is 8.2 sources. That’s two times the amount they once did only four to five years ago.

The “why” in all of this has many factors, but one of them includes the fact that gathering information has become as fast as everything else in our lives. People can see your business, your services offered, business hours and location all within a few search queries.

So where does pay per click (PPC) come into this? Well, it’s got everything to do with showing up when people actually need your service.

According to Google, 60% of searches for home services are only done at a time of urgent need. This makes sense when you think about it. You never hear someone calling a plumber when everything is working fine and their ceiling isn’t leaking.

It’s important to understand not just how your customers are finding your business, but when. This way, you’ll be able to meet them in the middle, rather than praying and hoping they find you somehow through an old ad you placed in the Yellow Book. After seeing a home service business ad on Google, 40% of respondents are likely to call. To put this another way, you have a 40% higher chance of being called by simply having an ad on Google at a time when people need that service.


Home Service Adwords | Fluid Advertising

Option #1: Home Service Ads via Google AdWords Express

If you’re located in Southern California, you’ll get an advantage that the rest of us don’t currently have: home service ads. This is currently in beta and available only through Google AdWords Express.

Google AdWords Express is an advertising product that automatically manages your online ads, without the need for daily management or tasks. Your potential customers already search Google for the products and services that you offer.

The idea is a clean and simple look for the home service industry. Let’s say you’re a locksmith in San Diego – when someone uses that search query, they would see an ad that looks something like the example on the right.


Option #2: Regular Google AdWords Campaign

 So, what if you’re a business outside of Southern California? AdWords Express is easy to set up, but the drawbacks of the limited service far outweigh the marginal benefit of a simplified enrollment process. Even if it does become nationwide, the best choice you could make is to go with a full-access AdWords account.

At Fluid Advertising, we pride ourselves in seeing results because we know it will give you results (or phone calls). Don’t just throw money at the problem of not enough phone calls. Rather, invest it in an AdWords campaign.

Contact us today and one of our certified Google AdWords representative will guide you with showing up on Google’s ad section at a time when consumers actually need your services.


Bonus Tip: Consider Seasonality

If you’re a local plumber, you’d want to know the hours people call and whether you’ll need to staff up on certain times of the day, perhaps during lunch when people can make that call for the leak they are seeing drip from their celling.

This same logic applies, but to a greater span of time during the year. The “cold months” of the year are a plumber’s greatest chance to get business. These months range from October to February, probably as a result of people not wanting their pipes drip water and then freeze over the winter. What about if you’re a home security service, or a lawn care service? Each of these home services have their peaks and are illustrated below.

Home Service Adwords | Fluid Advertising

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