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Holiday Retail Marketing

13 Dec, 2016 McKell Anderson

In 2015, holiday sales made up 19.3% of total annual sales for the retail business.


This time of year is clearly important for retailers starts the holiday retail marketing campaign. Although they usually start planning for their marketing and advertising several months in advance, here are four of the biggest trends and suggestions that retailers need to follow in order to make their holiday marketing successful.

Trend One: Customers will hop between online and physical stores

Deloitte predicts that digital interactions will influence 67% of retail store sales generated during the holiday retail marketing season. Companies need to bridge the gap between their digital, store and traditional media channels. This means that brands need to use social media, mobile and e-mail to distribute in-store coupons and sales. Stores could also encourage consumers to share pictures on social media or write reviews online to help increase awareness.

Trend Two: Brands should think mobile-first

In 2015, mobile accounted for 57% of all online traffic and 36% of all online sales. These numbers will continue to increase over the years. This means that retail companies need to make it easy for their consumers to navigate their websites and pages on mobile devices when they are doing their holiday shopping. They also need to make it easy to share information and pictures, compare products and prices, and learn more about the brand. In order for all of this to work, companies need to make sure their site, digital ads, and emails are all optimized for mobile screens.


Trend Three: Personalize messages to consumers

While in the past, many retailers would send out hundreds of e-mails with vague messages about their products and holiday sales, retailers have now found that more personalized marketing gets better results. There are many ways that retailers have started personalizing their messages, mainly by tailoring e-mail subject lines, content and offers for certain segments of people. This also includes more timely push notifications and in-store service interactions. Retailers need to make sure to share the right information, in the right way and at the right time to best reach their target audience(s).

Trend Four: Content marketing will make social shine

Two-thirds of U.S. shoppers say social media influences their online shopping behavior. It will influence people even more if they are looking for inspiration for the perfect gifts for family and friends. This year, more and more people have gravitated toward Pinterest and Instagram to learn about the most popular holiday gifts, crafts, recipes, etc. Retail brands can capitalize on this by publishing visual content that is appealing to consumers. Companies can also post photos of store displays, events, shoppers and other holiday festivities to generate excitement and help drive traffic. Companies could even create a hashtag and encourage people to share photos of the company.

When you’re doing your own holiday shopping, see how many of these trends you can find!

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