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Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Ireland

17 Mar, 2015 McKell Naegle

This spring break was a bit different from others: my family and I took off to Dublin, Ireland!

If you thought that Americans celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, you’re sadly mistaken. The Irish—now they absolutely know how to celebrate the green and gold holiday that originated in their country.

The city itself, Dublin, is incredible. It’s pretty quaint, but due to the celebrations happening, the streets are flooded with people. You’d think people didn’t actually conduct business here, or at least I haven’t seen any happening. Granted, we flew in on a weekend day, and the partying had just started on Saturday, with Saint Patrick’s day being a whole weekend-long event.

Everywhere we turned, students from Trinity College and people of all ages were decked out in green, tall leprechaun hats, and green and gold Mardi Gras beads. Three-leaf clovers were on every piece of article owned. Coming from the States, I totally thought we overdid it for a holiday that’s just a bit obscure, but boy, was I wrong.

It’s been absolutely incredible to watch the culture of the Irish, the obscene amount of alcohol consumed over a three-day period, and the happiness of the folk here. I’ve loved every second of it and am thrilled to be able to briefly share the experience with you. Each night has been filled with loud laughter and music from the streets, as well as conversations you hear when you pass by that aren’t quite coherent (and it’s hilarious). The overall atmosphere could make the crankiest of people giddy. It’s only midday so far, so we shall see what tonight brings! If you have any inkling to come to Ireland, and you want this insane experience, come during this holiday.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody! Stay safe and have fun with whatever you do!

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