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Are you happy at your work? Have you heard about Fluid yet?

11 Aug, 2017 Vanessa Santa Cruz

Have you ever found yourself looking for a job and making the decision based on more than just financial security, but also on Glassdoor or Yelp reviews? What about that social part, the “company culture”? Do we really care, or do we land anywhere just because of the convenience of salary?

Ultimately, a job is simply where we go to work – for sure. And if you choose this industry then you know, my friend, that this isn’t the 40-hour clock in, clock out gig. But not everything has to be hard work in life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not playing ping pong or foosball all day with my coworkers. However, we certainly look for a positive approach and environment where we feel valued and respected. Some weeks can be very challenging, and you need to spend some extra hours with your fellow coworkers in your awesome location. That indeed happens at Fluid – we work hard and we play hard.

A Passion for Growth

When I first joined the company, I requested a meeting with one of the partners because I wanted to learn more about his vision for the company. He explained to me about the passion for growth that Fluid has. Passion is something that defines us and make us stand out from the crowd. It’s that passion that drives each team to reach for the stars, and when all the teams work together for the ultimate goal, we all have happy clients.

Going beyond our clients’ expectations is not easy, so how can we achieve such a hard goal? What makes Fluid stand from the crowd? Thus far, I’d say that everybody here is allowed to have a voice and be heard.

Part of the Family

I felt like Fluid adopted me. Once you join Fluid, you are immediately part of a united group. You’ll become one of the family, so be prepared. At some point, one of the partners will invite you to share what you do on your personal time. I’ve learned so much from my coworkers. They are the best and have these really cool hobbies.

As for Fluid babies, we’ve had a couple exceptional baby showers this season and many more are coming soon, which we are really excited for. Most of our workforce are guys and they participate, too. Isn’t that great?

Fluid also loves the furry babies. Coming to work with your best four-legged friend is what makes this company unique. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know more about my coworkers because of their dogs. And nothing beats being on the phone with a vendor, listening to the sales pitch and having to apologize because of the barking in the background. We are certainly a human company.

Any Excuse to Party

One day, I was given a piece of wood. I was intrigued, thinking, “OMG, I’m not the handy gal.”  Later, I discovered I was invited to participate in the traditional race wood derby. It was brutal for me because cars are simply not my thing. Still, Fluid showed me how awesome it is to be part of this company. We had a whole race arena built, all my coworkers were working on their fancy cars weeks in advance – of course, the Creative team took the award for the most astonishing designs. I’ve never built a car before and I was 3rd place – hooray! We got prizes and that “lunch hour” we spent together was one of the best experiences in my work life.

There are numerous opportunities that Fluid celebrates with donuts, waffles, ice cream, hot dog day – just to name a few. Birthdays are special days in this company, but what makes us different is that the whole company is involved to make it remarkable. Aren’t we spoiled here?

So far, we’ve had multiple activities such as lunch and learns, hockey games, Top Golf, bowling, Lagoon days, ice-cream shopping and more. Now that Summer has arrived, we were invited to a BBQ party with our families, with lots of food and fun games as the perfect complement for an splendid day. We even had a heritage party, where everybody in the company brought their own family dish. Fluid loves diversity, with people from Asia, Europe and South America working in this company. It was a great opportunity to share our heritage with our fellow coworkers.

Holidays at Fluid are over the top. We are a solid group who work together during office hours but we also know to have fun and make the day special with decoration, presents, special requests and so forth.

Fluid’s kitchen has delightful breakfast, snack and drinks options, from healthy to super delicious, you name it. Some mornings, I’m overwhelmed choosing between 20 cereal options.

Finding Our Inner Strength 

As much as I wish all would be fun and games, I have to say that life can be hard. We always have to face those moments that test our internal strengths. Fluid has taught me that, even in the hardest moments, they’ll back you up. I’ve seen how the partners support any activity to cheer up any team member.

Next January will be our company’s retreat, and I’m so excited and looking forward for that day. Because this year, the partners explained the yearly plan and main focus of the company. They included the values of this company, such as respect, passion for what we do and, most importantly, value for people.

Fluid is a strong company because we are constantly motivated to be in a pleasant environment. Fluid cares about us, and that’s what makes us different from other agencies. If your core is healthy, then the rest will deliver accordingly expected.

Nothing else to say other than thank you, Fluid. I have a great place to work, kind coworkers and friends here.

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