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Guerrilla Marketing Webinar Recap

9 Jul, 2015 McKell Naegle

For the month of June, Fluid’s focus was on guerrilla marketing. To cap off a month of blog posts, we presented our guerrilla marketing webinar.

This month’s special guest was John Dye, the digital media director of Bonneville Communications. John is a social media expert, helping numerous companies effectively incorporate social media into their overall content marketing strategy. He joined Fluid’s digital marketing manager Dustin Cederholm and managing director Phil Case.


What is guerrilla marketing?


  1. Low budget
  2. High exposure
  3. Originality


The term “guerrilla marketing” originated from guerrilla warfare. The idea is for smaller companies without the same resources as larger companies to be able to keep up. Because of this, guerrilla tactics are usually low budget, based on original ideas, and have a high exposure and impact. Guerrilla marketing is based on earned media, should be unauthorized and disruptive, and should stick in consumer’s minds.


Who uses guerrilla marketing?


While originally guerrilla marketing was meant for small businesses, that doesn’t mean only small businesses can use it today. There are numerous examples of both big and small businesses using successful tactics to boost their business. In many instances, a bigger company must be more careful, however. Some industries are regulated, and big companies could face more backlash for a failed campaign.


Guerrilla marketing steps


  1. Determine the core objective of your advertising campaign.
  2. Identify your target demographic.
  3. Make a list of images and ideas associated with the concept you plan to pitch.
  4. Experiment with alternative concepts and scenarios to convey your concept.
  5. Identify outlets to pitch your message.


Is low-budget success possible?


Though it may seem sometimes like only a big company with a big budget can have success, that isn’t true. The key to success, no matter the size of your company, is in the creative execution. If you have a good message, you will likely have success. Share your message and tell your story in a way it resonates with people.


Does social media make guerrilla marketing easier?


Social media is a good way to connect the physical world with the digital world. A good example of this is the use of hashtags. A good hashtag should have an impact online and offline. If you create a campaign that resonates with people, they will be more likely to share that with others.


Isn’t guerrilla marketing as hard as going viral?


The most important thing is to start with a benchmark of success in your guerrilla marketing campaign. Take the necessary steps to at least hit this level of success, and build from there. Begin with the end in mind, and take the necessary steps from there to ensure success. With guerrilla marketing, sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.


In summary


The world of advertising—and guerrilla marketing—is constantly evolving. Guerrilla marketing is available for any company of any size, with any budget. It is low budget, high exposure, and full of original ideas. Though it may be hard to ensure success, by taking the proper planning steps beforehand you can maximize the impact of a creative campaign.



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