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6 reasons why everyone should use Google (Voice)

28 Jun, 2010 McKell Naegle

Google Voice is available for everyone. It was just a recent announcement.

I am totally a convert.

Why should you use it? Here are some great reasons:

1. Google Voice (GV) gives you one master phone number to sync up with all your other misc. phone numbers including cell, home, work, etc.

No more forwarding lines and then taking them off forwarding when you get back. No more juggling multiple voicemail boxes.

Also, you can program Google Voice to ring all or just some of your lines.

All of this controlled from your browser.

2. GV transcribes voicemails to text.

How cool is that?

Accuracy is not bad at all, either.

3. You have the ability to personalize different greetings for different contact groups (one for business contacts, one for friends, etc).

No more embarrassing greeting heard by your boss when they try your cell phone and you don’t pick up.

4. You can now share voicemails via e-mail.

5. GV has conference calling!

Just have participants call into your Google Voice number and then put them on to the call with a touch of a button. No more long call-in numbers and access codes.

6. It is from Google (and it is free)–’nuff said!

Note that Google is offering Google Voice as an app for the Droid (should go without saying), the iPhone, and the Blackberry currently.

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