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Google Gboard For The Win

14 Apr, 2017 Alex Naylor


Life just got a little bit better…. Try Google Gboard, an app that integrates Google Search into your keyboard.


Gone are the days of toggling back and forth between apps to search and send information, GIFs, emojis and more. Google Gboard allows IOS and Android users to search directly from their mobile keyboard.

Say you are texting showtimes for the latest superhero movie to your friend, with Google Gboard you can look up the times when your movie is showing — without having to leave your messaging app. Just click on the keyboard Google button and you can search showtimes. The information shows up in a preview box that can be easily sent to your friend. This frees up valuable time that you can spend arguing about whether or not the movie is true to the comic book.

Another great feature of Gboard is Glide Typing. This allows you to type without lifting your finger off the screen. Simply swipe from letter to letter and Google miraculously types the correct word.

If there was only one reason to download this app, this would be it. Gboard allows you to search and send GIFs right from your keyboard. Sometimes, words can’t adequately express your current mood or lack the necessary chutzpah — sometimes you just need a dancing cat wearing a sombrero.

Google Gboard is a life changer. Sending search results through text has never been easier, Glide Typing will speed up your reply time and finding the perfect response GIF will become second nature. Download the app and enjoy it today!

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