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Google Analytics Goals – Measuring Form Submissions

22 Jan, 2016 McKell Naegle

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that every digital marketer should be using. While most people know how to look at basic traffic reports, few know how to create goals in Google Analytics. Goals can help you better understand site visitors and report on important metrics. Through Google Analytics goals you can track leads, newsletter signups, case study and white paper downloads, form submissions and many more.

Video Transcription

We are on Fluid Advertising‘s website¬†lets go to the contact page, and fill in the information right here and we submit it.

Measuring Contact Form Submissions in Google Analytics

You can see the redirect page, is a thank you page. We have this specifically set up so that it would be easier to measure within Google Analytics.

Measuring Thank You Page in Analytics

From here, we want to go to Google Analytics. Click on Admin. Scroll over to Goals and then click New Goal.

Goals in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Goals

There are four different types of goals that you can create within Google Analytics. You can do destination goals, which is what we are doing here kind of like a thank you page. You can do a duration goal, pages per screen or an event. We are going to call this Form Submission, click on Destination.

Destination Goal In Google Analytics

Right here, this equals, we are going to go back to the thank you page and grab everything after “.com” and paste that in right here.

Measuring Thank You Page in Analytics

Stick that in and then we can actually test it fairly quickly.

Destination Goals in Google Analytics

We can see right here already that it already has a conversion rate based on the last seven days of information. Now we can save this. This Form Submission here is the goal that we just created so we can see that the form submission goal is in there and then within the next few days as we receive more form submissions we can verify that this goal is working correctly. This has been a very quick and easy way to setup a goal in Google Analytics based off of the page URL.

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