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Goal Setting – January Webinar Recap

1 Feb, 2016 McKell Naegle

In January, Fluid focused on goal setting. We focused on jump-starting your marketing efforts, common marketing benchmarks, and evaluating and monitoring your goals throughout the year.



To recap the month, we held a webinar discussing our focus for the month. The webinar was hosted by Fluid’s digital marketing strategist, Dustin Cederholm, Fluid managing partner Phil Case, and Dan Griffiths, CPA and director of strategic planning at Tanner, LLC.

Definition of Goal Setting

An alternative definition of goal setting is the analysis of a journey towards a specific desire, the mapping of the process necessary to achieve that desire, and the achievement. Make goals real, achievable, and something you can get behind.

Goal Setting for Managers

What would happen if everyone at your company knew where you were going and why? Companies that have a quarterly goal setting pattern are over 3.5X more likely to be in the top quarter of their industry.

Goal Setting for Tasks

It is very important to remember that the best performers set goals that not only consider the outcome, but the entire process of reaching the outcome. Don’t just set big goals, set goals for specific tasks on your way to goals.

3 Goal Setting Hacks

1. Get away from business jargon and use relatable goals that touch the emotional/human aspect of why we set goals
2. Establish a goal setting rhythm and set your schedule to it. Create one calendar event with multiple alerts 24-48 hours before each milestone should be hit
3. Don’t be afraid to cheat. Break out a process into exact steps and create a template for repetitive tasks

Goal Setting Template: Webinar Execution

Below is an example of a goal-setting template for Fluid, an advertising agency in Utah.

The Issue:

Fluid’s email program running inconsistently and lacking quality

The Goal:

Hit monthly email calendar deliverables and provide subscribers higher quality content

The Journey:

Transition a temporary workforce to full time status and go from responsive content delivery to proactive content driver

The Process:

Team meeting to discuss minute details of monthly calendar and establish asset deliverables template

The Achievement:

Improved email deliverability, improved engagement, reduced error

Good luck setting goals this year!

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