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Go Viral!

21 Oct, 2008 McKell Naegle

Video has quickly become a top-viewed item on the Internet. It is also an extremely effective way to communicate—whether it’s a demo of your product, a podcast that someone in the office created, or a video of your child’s soccer game.

It is easy to put up a video for the world to see—the real trick is uploading a video the world really wants to see.

Sharing is good

Sharing your videos on sites such as YouTube offers more advantages than hosting your own videos. “Going Viral”—this term has been thrown around a lot lately. It is a mass marketer’s dream. The concept is simple; its basically word of mouth times a million. One person sees it, likes it, and passes it on to his/her friends. The process repeats itself until the clip becomes a piece of pop culture. In essence, one day no one knows who you are and the next they are referencing a quote from your video on The Daily Show.

Why consider viral video?

  • Low Cost or Free—Providing sufficient server space and bandwidth for every user who downloads large video files can be expensive. Most video-sharing sites pick up the entire tab, and even do the encoding work for you (saving you from having to buy video-encoding software).
  • Built-In Audience—If you post a video to your own site, only people who already visit the site and those to whom you send the link might watch it. In comparison, many video-sharing sites will promote related videos together, so your video can catch the attention of people browsing.
  • Compatibility—A lot of video-sharing sites encode video in Flash format, which almost all web browsers support by default.
  • Worry-Free—If your video suddenly becomes as popular as OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again” (performed on treadmills and seen above), you don’t want to be hosting that file on your own Web server.

Any drawbacks?

To get all these wonderful features, you must give up something—and that’s usually control. Many video players from these sites are branded with the logo of the sharing site. And you never know what kind of related videos will be promoted on the same page as your video.

In short, it is time to get noticed using viral video! Get your videos out there so that we can all see them. Give Fluid a call for more information on this or other Web 2.0 strategies!

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