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Getting Personal with Our Newest Fluidite

17 Nov, 2018 Kayla LeFevre Fluid Culture

Clytie Robinette | Fluid Advertising

Our Digital Marketing team is incredibly relieved to welcome their newest intern, Clytie Robinette! As part of Fluid’s hazing ritual, we asked Clytie some very personal and thought-provoking questions. And just as tough as her toes, Clytie delivered.

What is your experience in Digital Marketing?

As a fresh graduate from the University of Utah, I’m still pretty green in the field. Besides some contract work designing for University Pharmacy and a marketing campaign I ran while in school, Fluid is my introduction into the real world of digital marketing. I’m excited to learn from the pros and make my mark.

What are you most excited to bring to the Fluid team?

I’ve always strived to be a renaissance woman and I think my variety of experience will help at Fluid. I’m also excited to bring my positive attitude and collection of tiny desktop succulents.

What do you like to do for fun?

Sing karaoke in the kitchen, pretend like I can play the ukulele, listen to audiobooks and go to nerdy conventions and concerts.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

  • I played Minnie in Kaysville City’s “Hello Dolly” this summer.
  • In the evenings I teach ballet, modern and jazz dance at Clytie Adams School of Ballet.
  • I’m a makeup artist (mostly for weddings, but I’ve been hired for a few creative photoshoots).
  • I like to write funny songs and raps, and I’m learning hip-hop (as a ballerina I’m predictably awful at it).

We’re excited to see the great work and adorable succulents Clytie brings to Fluid.

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