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Gamification & Social Media

8 Dec, 2011 McKell Naegle
I love this presentation on gamification! It addresses some core principle regarding user engagement and why people interact socially (and specifically on the social web).
The one slide that really resonates with me is GAME DYNAMICS (what makes us tick) with GAME MECHANICS (how we design game environments).
If we are incented by REWARDS, then we tie POINTS into the game mechanics.
If we are incented by STATUS, then we tie LEVELS into the game mechanics.
And it goes on and on . . . .
It is interesting to see what people will do for online status or other online and intangible incentives. It is like the quote I have heard about leaders in the Boy Scouts of America: “It is interesting to see what adults will do for a feather or badge.”
Anyway, consider reviewing the slides below as you plot your online user engagement strategy. Gamification definitely has its place and, if utilized correctly, will move the needle for your online presence.

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