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Game of Advertising: The Seven Kingdoms of Fluid

11 Jul, 2017 McKell Naegle

“When you play the game of advertising, you grow or you don’t.”

The beginning of July means the nearing of HBO’s premiere of season seven of the intensive show Game of Thrones. With all the long-awaited and heightened anticipation of seeing dragons, Wights, Dothrakis, Unsullied, Queens and the King of the North has left some of us at Fluid eager with excitement. To cope with our lack of Sunday-Seven Kingdoms, we re-imagined our own office as Westeros and who would occupy each Great House.

  • Starting at the Wall with Castle Black is our very own Development Team as they guard our sites against poor function. While not an official great house, they still serve the most important duty of all, with a motto “The Code in the Dark” ringing true.
  • Moving only slightly south of the Wall, our own Account Managers are the Wardens of the North. Warning many of how “Creative Briefs Are Coming,” they reside in Winterfell.
  • Occupying the heart of Westeros is Ryan from Casterly Rock citing “Hear Us Roar – with Creativity!” and Phil from the Storm’s End shouting “Marketing Is the Fury.” The two join their great houses and reside in King’s Landing as Protectors of the Realm and Guardians of our Seven Kingdoms.
  • The Digital Team takes up the Riverlands, connecting all of Westeros together with their fluid knowledge about digital marketing. Taking notes from House Tully, their motto is “Google, Email, Social.”
  • Neighboring the Riverlands, our Office Administrators rest comfortably in the Vale, living by their code of “As Right as the Books.”
  • The Creative Department would naturally reside in the southern houses. Their sun-filled days gives them time to bask in the fruits of a life with lavish fashions and intricate designs. The Copywriters would rule Dorne with their alliteration and poetry, taking “Rewrite, Rewrote, Rewritten” true to heart. The Designers would rule Highgarden with their intricate sigil and adopt the motto as their own with “Designing Strong.”
  • And finally, on her own continent of Essos is our very own Business Developer, Tara, from House Targaryan. Her fiery words of “Passion and Growth” ring clear as she ventures Fluid into new territory.

While re-imagining each department as their own house has been a fun game of creativity for us, one thing was made abundantly clear: Our kingdom is filled with peace and cooperation between each territory, and luckily not violent war. No usurpers will rage battle against the throne and lead to everyone’s downfall. At least, not today.



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