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Fresh Fluid Finds: Introducing Our Newest Designer and Beard Champ, Adam

25 Mar, 2019 Kayla LeFevre Fluid Culture

Our Fluid family is growing, and just in time for some sunshine fun. Help us welcome Adam, our fresh-out-of-the-box Senior Designer! In good old Fluid fashion, we asked him some questions that we definitely spent many hours coming up with.

Would you rather have fins or wings?

Wings with buffalo sauce and a side of blue cheese.

Do you believe that pineapple belongs on pizza? Why or why not?

Yes, because if you like it then you’d better put a (pineapple) ring on it.

Why are you a designer?

I’m a designer because this field keeps you on your toes since you never know what you’re going to get thrown your way.

What was the moments that convinced you that you should go into design?

I originally went to school to become a teacher for elementary school age kids and then quickly realized that there were too many ugly text books that could definitely use a designer’s help. And shortly after that I realized that I didn’t like kids that much.

Do you think we’re living in “Brave New World” or “1984”?

Neither, it’s starting to feel more like Water World a little more every day.

Are you Jerry, George, Elaine or Kramer?

If you could take Jerry’s sarcasm, George’s bewilderment, Elaine’s hair and Kramer’s entire being, that’d be me.

What would you be if you weren’t a designer?


What’s your secret mutant power that we wouldn’t find out about until the last 30 minutes of the movie?

Probably something very practical, like being able to boil water really fast or toasting bread perfectly every time or knowing what the hell my cat is meowing about at any moment.

Where have you NOT lived?

I’ve never lived outside of the country, or under the country for that matter.

What made you decide to come work with Fluid?

Seeing the amazing work that comes out of Fluid is super inspiring. And who wouldn’t want to be part of such an awesome team?!

Is a calzone a sandwich? Defend your answer.

Is cereal a soup?

Maybe we’ll get a project to redesign some text books in the near future and complete Adam’s career goals full circle. Welcome to the team, Adam!

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