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Fluid’s latest web launch—the LeMont Michel site

15 Sep, 2010 McKell Naelge

Fluid’s latest web project is for LeMont Michel, a home for a small group of men that uses the most innovative program of recovery management to be found in addiction treatment.

Much of the site is dedicated to be an online resource for lasting addiction recovery and really help struggling individuals and family members understand the Recovery-Oriented System of Care.

Their new website is more interactive and incorporates virtual tours to see the beautiful surroundings of the home. There are also links to social media including blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Videos and rich media also explain more about the home and its amenities.

More About Le Mont Michel:

The program, Applied Recovery, is more than just sober living. It is a comprehensive method of planning out the first year of sobriety that gives our residents the best possible chance of establishing long-term recovery.

Take a look HERE!

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