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Fluid’s 2017 New Year Resolutions

11 Jan, 2017 McKell Naegle

We are a little more than a week into 2017. Here are some of the New Year Resolutions going on around Fluid.

Spencer K. 
Personal Resolution: Go to the gym more
Work Resolution: Learn React and Angular 2

Personal Resolution: Be more approachable
Work Resolutions: Finish the Intranet

Spencer W.
Personal Resolution: Watch less TV
Work Resolution: Learn Angular 2

Personal Resolution: Bring dog on more walks
Work Resolution: Perfect Syntext Indenting and Nesting

Personal Resolution: Start teaching Soo Bahk Do in Davis County
Work Resolution: Learn more about Digital Strategy

Personal Resolution: Do more small acts of service
Work Resolution: Win the Fluid Cup

Personal Resolution: Draw more
Work Resolution: Be featured in Communication Arts

Personal Resolution: Meal Prep like a BOSS
Work Resolution: Learn Adobe Animate

Personal Resolution: Perfect his Dad Bod
Work Resolution: Win a One Show Pencil

Personal Resolution: Spend more time outside
Work Resolution: Design a website soup to nuts

Personal Resolution: Learn to snow ski
Work Resolution: Learn to type with all fingers

Personal Resolution: Run a marathon
Work Resolution: Be more creative with client work

Personal Resolution: Become besties with Taylor Swift
Work Resolution: Become Programatic Media Buying expert

Personal Resolution: Run a marathon
Work Resolution: Become a CRO expert

Personal Resolution: Get Gephardt Approved
Work Resolution: Get Gephardt Approved

Personal Resolution: Get more followers for his cat @missmiakittentails
Work Resolution: Become Hubspot efficient

Personal Resolution: Meditate more
Work Resolution: Learn something new everyday about Digital Marketing

Let us know what your 2017 New Year Resolutions are in the comment section.


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