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Fluid Volunteer Day at the National Ability Center

26 Jun, 2018 Cheryl Johnson Fluid Culture

Go play outside!

…And do some volunteering while you’re at it.

Thanks boss, I think I will. Sign me up. See ya later.

Last Friday, we had a double whammy of an activity. Not only did we get to work with the amazing people at the National Ability Center (NAC) and make new friends, we got to do this while enjoying the great outdoors. The result of this Nature Fix and service opportunity:

Cortisol levels down ✔

Vitamin D levels up ✔

Happier ✔

Healthier ✔

Younger ✔ (don’t roll your eyes…I FEEL younger)

Ability Challenge



Volunteer Day | Fluid AdvertisingIt’s no secret that fresh air and sunshine work magic on the human body. The founders of the NAC understood the benefits of getting out and enjoying nature, but they also wanted to offer sporting activities to “build self-esteem, confidence and lifetime skills”. The activities often require modified equipment to help push participants beyond the confines of their own ability mindset. They work with those who have orthopedic, spinal cord, neuromuscular, visual and hearing impairments, and cognitive and development disabilities.

We all have differing abilities, and that shouldn’t stop any of us from participating in activities like hiking, biking, climbing, rafting, horseback riding, archery, skiing, snowboarding and even the Paralympic games. Truly, the programs available through the NAC are numerous and expansive. If you want to be inspired, just check out the testimonials on their website.

Joining in the fun

The Fluid team had the opportunity to design Hawaiian themed activities for a group of young individuals who were spending the week in a day camp at the NAC in Park City, UT. Yes, Park City! The NAC has 22 acres of pastoral high desert beauty.


We joined them in coloring tiki masks…

Volunteer Day | Fluid Advertising


Exploding mini volcanoes…

Volunteer Day | Fluid Advertising


Even competing in a relay race…

Volunteer Day | Fluid Advertising


I’m pretty sure the Fluid team enjoyed the activities as much, if not more, than the campers. It brought out our inner child (see…younger, like I said).  Volunteer Day | Fluid Advertising

Volunteer Day | Fluid Advertising


If you or your organization is looking to expand your philanthropic footprint, give the NAC a call. Prepare to make friends and leave with a mother nature high!



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