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Designing for the Greater Good

5 Jan, 2010 McKell Naegle

In an age when nonprofit organizations are struggling harder than ever to have their messages heard, the value of branding and design has become increasingly essential to their survival.  Today, a first-of-its-kind book, Designing for the Greater Good, was released to offer readers insights into great nonprofit branding campaigns in 24 inspiring case studies and hundreds of illustrated examples.  Fluid Studio was among the firms whose outstanding campaigns were selected for inclusion in this prestigious collection. Highlighted in the book were two campaigns that Fluid Studio completed for Bonneville Communications of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Created as a comprehensive resource for designers, creative professionals, marketers, corporate communications departments and nonprofit leaders, Designing for the Greater Good is based on authors Peleg Top and Jonathan Cleveland’s nearly 40 years of combined experience working with nonprofits and corporate communications departments across the country.

“After nearly a decade of studying cause marketing campaigns, I know that strong design is absolutely critical to success,” commented David Hessekiel, president, Cause Marketing Forum.  “As a unique showcase of campaigns that stand out from the crowd, Designing for the Greater Good is a valuable addition to the cause marketing literature.  This collection of work, often created in spite of low budgets and organizational impediments, should be an inspiration to creatives, nonprofit and corporate marketers alike.”

More on Designing for the Greater Good

Whether branding an identity for a nonprofit, designing invitations for fundraisers, pitching slogans effectively or creating print or online marketing material, it is essential that the graphic design of cause-related organizations attract attention to their goals, events and campaigns.

“Successful design for nonprofit organizations relies on a true partnership, where the designer is connected to the cause and the organization has accurately portrayed its culture and clientele.  When these elements come together, a powerful brand connection is made,” said author Jonathan Cleveland.  “Designing for the Greater Good was created as a first-of-its-kind resource for both designers and cause-related organizations seeking inspiration and direction from past successful campaigns.”

“Most designers and creative agencies, no matter their industry niche, will do some nonprofit or cause-related work at some stage of their career,” says author Peleg Top. “This work helps us create a sense of purpose that is bigger than us. It connects us to our community, helps us leave a legacy and be part of something bigger than our own work.”

Designing for the Greater Good (Harper Design, an imprint of Harper Collins) is available to the public starting January 26, 2010.  Its retail list price is $50.00.


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