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Fluid presents real estate social media seminars to realtors in Washington County, Utah

12 Feb, 2010 McKell Naegle

We recently had a chance to present real estate social media seminars to realtors and other members of the Washington County Board of Realtors in St. George, Utah.

We really enjoyed meeting with the good folks in Southern Utah. Our sponsors, United Title Services, were great as well!

Some key principles to consider:

-By the time a prospect contacts a realtor, studies show they have been looking at real estate on the Web anywhere from 10 to 40 hours

-Remember the 4 R’s: Be Relevant, be Real, be Responsive. The 4th “r” comes naturally if you do the first 3: a Relationship is formed.


-Content is KING on the web! Always update your blog and other web properties

-Remember the 70/20/10 rule

-Become a “local” expert in a niche real estate field. Don’t swim in red oceans–find blue oceans where you are unique

-Think like the prospect

-Consider using mobile devices to upload pictures, video, and geographic location of the real estate properties you are representing. It is “real time” and has good “Google juice”

The slides we utilized during our presentations are below.

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