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Fluid Agency Culture

29 Dec, 2017 Lala Phunkhang Fluid Culture

“Agency culture begins and ends with the character of the people that you employ, and a shared internal drive. It goes beyond working together as a team. It’s performing as a winning team, and challenging others to push beyond their potential.” – Christina Schmitz, Marketing Agency Insider


Fluid is one of many successful advertising agencies here in Utah. As someone who is involved in the local design community and has worked at multiple agencies, I feel confident in saying that we have an amazing agency culture here at Fluid.

When you ask creatives what they enjoy most about working in an agency, they will often bring up agency culture. We look for agencies that have a healthy work-life balance, support their employees and have a passion for growth, and most importantly, we want to be able to bring our dogs to work. (I am very serious about the last part.)

One blog contributor for Marketing Agency Insider, Christina Schmitz, says that there are five key elements to consider when we think of a truly thriving agency culture: respect, collaboration, a strong agency brand, productive work environment and celebrating wins. Schmitz also adds that you can judge agency culture by how employees feel as they prepare to come in to work each day and how they feel when they leave. She says, “Build a good one (agency culture) and you’ll have employees for the long haul and friends for life.”

I believe that here at Fluid, we are constantly working on all five of these key elements that help our positive agency culture. Every team, whether it is design or account management, works together and creates a tight-knit culture of openness. As Schmitz points out, culture “goes beyond working together as a team. It’s performing as a winning team, and challenging others to push beyond their potential, which doesn’t happen without some bumps and bruises along the way.” Teams that are transparent, honest with one another and are built on respect will succeed.

One of the coolest things that Fluid has created is our agency manifesto, a written statement declaring the intentions, motives or views of its issuer. It talks about how we value quality, creativity, passion, respect and, of course, agency culture. One line in particular rings especially true: “We protect the culture — work hard and play hard.” We work hard by creating amazing deliverables for our clients, and we play hard by hosting monthly events, doing team activities and having agency retreats. Not to mention all the amazing treats at our front desk, cool company swag and mid-day ping pong matches.

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