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Five Ways to Use Online Presentations

31 Jan, 2011 McKell Naegle


That is what is all about in the web arena.

Slideshare and Scribd are two sites you just don’t hear enough about, but both can aid your business in your SEO efforts.

Both host your presentations and documents online, but they do way more than that.

Here are five ways to use SlideShare to boost your messaging, increase your brand equity, and influence more prospects and customers online:

  • Speak behind peoples’ backs . . .

SlideShare is able to upload the notes “behind” the slides and let viewers toggle back and forth between the visuals and supporting information.

Why is this important? Often times you just use short bullet points and snippets of ideas in slides; Slideshare ensures accompanying notes used by the presenter with all the background and contextual information are included. It also adds a lot to the total number of content being indexed by search engines.

Work with keywords to draw users’ attention to your notes, and to keep them there awhile.

  • Auto transcription . . .

SlideShare transcribes presentations automatically, so if your presentations are supercharged with topics of relevance to your brand, you can benefit from a huge SEO boost.

  • Create a Slideshare account for your company’s name

Add relevant tags. Get indexed!

  • Get it out!

SlideShare’s homepage promotes presentations with a high number of hits. It also shows which ones are shared most on Facebook, Twitter, and other venues. Use very available avenue at your disposal to get the word out about your business and service!

  • Create new content, and start the process all over . . .

Consistency is key. Keep the number of posts high and that will help you in your cause.

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