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Fish Where The Fish Are

11 Jan, 2011 McKell Naegle

So you’ve been in business for a while, started pretty strong, but over the last couple years you’ve noticed a small, but steady decrease in your customer flow. You haven’t changed anything; you still offer superior products, excellent service and a great overall experience for your customers. So where are they all going?

Chances are, they’ve forgotten about you. But you have some coupons in the phone book, and you hand out hundreds business cards each month. How could they have forgotten you?

Ask yourself this, how do people get their information? When was the last time you looked something up in an actual phonebook? A few days ago I threw away five phonebooks I had in my house that were on a desk collecting dust. I don’t think I’ve opened a phonebook for at least three years. And business cards? I have a desk drawer that I’m scared to look in, stuffed to the brim with business cards.

So where are the consumers? Short answer: online. It shouldn’t surprise you that more and more people are using the search engines to gather information about products and services. What may surprise you is that possibly more people are using social media sites, like Facebook, to get this information.

2010 marked the first year that Facebook’s weekly numbers actually overtook Google as the most popular U.S. Website.

If you are not taking advantage of Facebook to help promote your services, you’re ignoring over 100 million active Facebook users in the United States alone! All of your potential customers are at home or on their mobile device, browsing through Facebook, possibly even clicking through your competitors Facebook page. This is where you need to be, reminding people daily you’re there.

It’s time to start fishing where the fish are. Throw your line in the social media ocean. This ocean is vast, and the amount of fish swimming here is expanding every second of every day, with infinite growth on the horizon.  Take heed though, the social media ocean is always in movement, always changing and offering new services for you and your business.

For help navigating these waters, enlist the help of Fluid Studio in Salt Lake City. Fluid Studio can create, distribute, and track web, video, email, and other social media marketing tools to help launch a successful social strategy.

It is important to remember that a successful social media campaign needs to work together cohesively with other forms of marketing. Fluid Studio offers many strategies that can help develop a strong and dedicated customer base, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Print Services, Web Design and many more.

Below is some interesting statistics about just how big Facebook has become. Happy Fishing!

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