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Financial Automation Marketing

9 Feb, 2017 McKell Naegle

What do you think of when you think of financial automated marketing?

If you’re having trouble coming up with an answer, we don’t blame you. But I’m here to tell you that there’s a niche for these companies to make an inroads in this personalized, digital age.

How, you might ask?

Well, with the help of automation banks and credit unions you should be looking into the possibly of personalized messages, timely ad representation and nurturing by segmented audience behavior.


Emails should be utilized by all companies and across every industry. When creating ABM campaigns within the financial industry, it allows you to get more personal about money. Also, automation has cut the email response time in half and creates a connection with another human being. Think of the possibility with your email and mobile system where you can get in front of the right people at the right time.


Where are all those new leads you could be getting? With the help of prospecting, you can create an ideal customer and target them without cold-calling. Think of prospecting as the digital call in finding new leads. They help you serve the right behavioral ads to the right potential client. Think of all the leads you could be gaining with the computer systems that are watching user behavior daily.


Think of your site: how many different services do you provide and how do you want to attract attention to each service? Now think how much work it would be to get an individual sales person to reach out specifically to those people. With the help of behavioral retargeting ads, you can stay in front of possible clients by interest and need. When someone is looking specifically into A/R financing, you don’t want to be serving them a basic ad, but instead asking them to come back and look at the service they want.

What’s the final perk of automation?

Time! Think of all the time you will save when it comes to your employees who now have more time to do their analytical work instead of manually managing your marketing efforts. Think of the time you save between consumer interactions when they get a response in minutes or days instead of weeks. We are living in an instant gratification society. The banking industry has to get on board in order to get in front of the right clients and satisfy current clients.


Digital marketing is changing and allowing the financial industry to bring their “A” game. It’s providing banks accessibility they didn’t have before and allows companies to interact differently with potential and current clients. They create a community and brand around the bank. It’s no longer just about finance, but a lifestyle and human connection created by client behavior and accessibility.

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