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Facebook’s new advertising options

10 Feb, 2011 McKell Naegle

Facebook’s advertising capabilities have changed greatly over the past month: there is a new ad unit called “Sponsored Stories” and the addition of specified landing tabs.

Liking a page or checking in at a place is something many people do daily on Facebook. It is definitely a huge way brands interact with people on the Facebook platform. Sponsored Stories is a new ad unit from Facebook that lets advertisers turn those actions into ads that are targeted at that person’s friends.
The launch of this ad unit has been very controversial, but is very important for Facebook Advertisers. Involver wrote a great review on their blog regarding this new ad unit.

Inside Facebook recently reported that advertisers on Facebook now have the ability to set custom landing tabs for their Facebook ad campaigns. Drop your click throughs off any any tab you choose! This can be very effective! Companies investing in creating effective application experiences will empower a whole new wave of targeted advertising and conversion. What a great model!

Watch a video on this here (done by Facebook).

Do you use Facebook to advertise? What will these changes mean for you personally (as a user or advertiser)?

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