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Facebooking, Gaming Time Soars

2 Aug, 2010 McKell Naegle

According to AdAge.com, the time Americans spent on social media has surged 43% in the past year, leading a substantial shift in how the country spends its online time.

That time spent online has also sent e-mail to third behind gaming, according to research by Nielsen Co.

The time spent on social media accessed from PCs rose from 15.8% in June 2009 to 22.7% in June 2010, according to Nielsen, while online gaming gained more modestly to 10.2% of online time from 9.3% a year earlier.

But that was enough to push gaming past e-mail, which fell to 8.3% of online time spent at the PC from 10.5% a year earlier.

Mobile web access
The data also doesn’t include mobile web access, which still is predominantly used for e-mail, Mr. Martin said. The shift of e-mail use from PCs to mobile devices accounts for some of the decline of time spent on e-mail at PCs, he said.

Online video and search also scored modest gains in share of online time, according to Nielsen. But despite increasing to 3.9% of online time from 3.5% a year earlier, online video time still only averaged an hour and 15 minutes per person per month, an amount of time many people spend with traditional TV on the morning of the first day of the month. YouTube accounted for about 70% of online video time on PCs, Mr. Martin said.

Is this true in your case? You spending more time online?

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