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Facebook Privacy Settings on the Go

5 Aug, 2010 McKell Naegle

With a social member network of 500 million now, Facebook is continually growing in number and also in mobility. With the mobility options of accessing Facebook on cellular devices now, users are able to stay connected and share what it going on in their lives while on the go. While the mobility option of accessing Facebook is convenient, adjusting privacy settings on the go was a growing concern, but not anymore. Facebook now has a way to be able to change your privacy settings from your mobile device. When accessing your Facebook account from your mobile device, you can navigate to m.facebook.com/privacy to adjust your privacy settings. When selecting the type of privacy setting that you would like, Facebook will give you their default options of:  recommended, everyone, friends of friends, friends only, or a customizable option.  

How is this a win for mobile users? Considering the fact that many mobile users also have cameras on their mobile devices, this mobile privacy option allows the mobile users not to have to worry about uploading any pictures to their Facebook account while on the go, and worry about who is able to view the picture. The mobile user will be able to change what they want and when they want.

This is just one reason for why the mobile privacy option is good. Can you think of others?

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