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5 ways to generate engagement for E-commerce

11 Sep, 2015 McKell Naegle

The marketing landscape in the last several years has undergone a dramatic transformation, thanks in large part to social media. There is simply no good excuse to ignore social media anymore. A successful and engaging social media campaign will positively impact a brand of any size.

Many e-commerce companies struggle to effectively utilize social media to spread their brand and generate sales. You are probably asking yourself some of the following questions:

  • Should I be on Facebook or other social media platforms?”
  • “What in the world do I post? Pictures of products over and over?”
  • “Why would someone want to follow us on any social platform?”
  • “How do I get people to interact with us on social media?”

The following five tips will attempt to answer those questions for you.

Find Influencers

One of the most effective forms of advertising is word of mouth. That phrase may take on a different meaning in social media, but the principals still ring true. Find and connect with pages or people who have large social media followings and get them to post about your brand or specific products. Make sure that an influencer’s following is within your target audience, so that their endorsements will be relevant.

When connecting with these influencers, it would be wise to offer them some kind of reward for endorsing your product. Some will ask for money; some will accept free products or company swag. Whatever it they ask for, make sure their following is large enough to justify the cost of the endorsement. If done correctly, this technique can be wildly successful. Influencer campaigns that I have run in the past have generated thousands of new followers in just a few weeks.

Have Product Giveaways

Nothing gets people excited more than free stuff. Host a contest on your social media platforms, rewarding the winner of said contest with free product. Entry to the contest could be something as simple as following, liking, or subscribing to your page and inviting one to three friends to do the same. If you are operating on a visual platform like Instagram, invite people to submit creative pictures or videos of them using your product, and reward the best picture with a shout out and free product (some social media users will do anything for a shout out!) As a bonus, this could also help you understand better how your customers use your product and give you new ideas on how to market your products to new users.

Use Video

This one is really quite simple. Video tends to get higher engagement than pictures or status updates. Video advertising has exploded over the last couple years thanks to YouTube, Facebook, and SnapChat; it really should be included in your marketing techniques. Make shorter videos to post on Twitter and Instagram or longer ones for YouTube and Facebook. Vine and Snapchat are other social platforms that can be extremely effective for shorter video promotions.

Post Pictures of People

If you’re posting pictures of your products day after day, chances are your followers are getting bored or annoyed. Shake things up and post pictures of your staff! Pictures of staff help to build your brand and make it more personable. Show off your company culture! If you get permission, randomly post pictures of your followers to show your gratitude for them! As was said before, many people would love the chance to be featured on a corporate social platform. This technique, when used appropriately, and wisely can build some very strong brand loyalty.

Utilize Humor

Humor is likely the most powerful tool you have in building a following. Humorous posts are more likely to be shared, commented on, and generally engaged with than any other kind of emotional post. Make memes or GIFs that relate to current social events. Make people laugh, and they are likely to tell their friends about you. Social Media Examiner wrote an excellent article about utilizing humor here. Learn more about using humor techniques to gain customer loyalty. Humor can transform your image. If you are in a relatively boring industry (obviously, this is subjective) humor can win over people who otherwise would never care to interact with your brand.


Social media is an awesomely powerful tool for building a brand, increasing customer loyalty, and even generating sales. Brands that can successfully interact with their followers and generate engagement will see an increase in repeat purchases and customer loyalty. If you’re at a loss for ideas, look to industry leaders’ social media pages for ideas. Always remember that social media is meant to be social. Social media is not another platform to shove advertisements down people’s throats. It is a tool to build relationships, loyalty, and communities. Make the most of every interaction and you will see the happy increase in sales your boss is looking for!

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