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Email Marketing Tips

13 May, 2014 McKell Naegle

Marketing by email is one of the best and most cost effective ways to reach a customer base. An email marketing campaign can help improve customer connections and drive sales. However, email campaigns also require a significant time commitment if they are to be done correctly. Poorly executed campaigns will cause messages to be marked as spam or be blacklisted, which result in customers not receiving messages. Here are some basic tips and starting points to help kick off a successful email marketing campaign.


For any email marketing campaign to be successful, people must subscribe to the mailing list. So, make subscribing to the email list an easy and intuitive process. The sign up could also include a spot for the customer’s name and birthdate to personalize the emails, which we will expand upon later is this post. During the signup process, make sure the customer is aware of what to expect. Points such as what the emails will contain and how often email will be sent are good things tell customers. This helps customers decide if they want to sign up and will help the click and open rates for the campaign.


Make sure the content in the email is something customers will be interested in and will grab their attention. Doing this will help the open and click-through rates of the email. If recipients do not find the content interesting, it will not be read. If that continuously happens, the messages will eventually be marked as spam and will never be seen by subscribers. Another thing to do is keep the messages and graphics consistent with the brand of the business. This helps keep the messages consistent and easily recognizable by subscribers.


Making the emails more personal can do nothing but help. Recipients will see that they are not getting a mass-sent email, but instead one focused on them. This will help the customer create a stronger connection to the business, leading to loyal customers. Adding subscribers’ names to the emails and sending special promotions on their birthdays are good ways to personalize emails.


Also, make sure the emails are compatible on mobile devices. With the increase in smart phone usage, many emails are sent and received from those devices. If a message is not compatible, it cannot be read. Like before, that will lead to poor click-through and open rates, and eventually to being marked as spam. In addition to that, write the emails so they can be read quickly. Most people don’t want to spend a lot of time on one email. Make them succinct.


Hopefully these tips will help start a successful email campaign or improve a current one. Remember to keep the emails succinct, interesting, consistent, and compatible on all email receiving platforms. Best of luck!

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