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Email Marketing Tips

20 Oct, 2015 Dylan Kettering

Email Marketing


Email marketing was the original way to communicate online. With the advent of social media, many people thought that email was on the fast track to irrelevancy. That’s simply not the case. Email is as important as ever, with three times as many users as Facebook and Twitter combined. It’s not something you want to miss out on.


We have experience in every aspect of email marketing. We will work with you to construct an email marketing plan that best fits your goals and needs, from concept to completion.


List Building


If you write an email and nobody reads it, does it even exist? That’s a question we don’t want you to have to answer. One of the first and most important things to do is to have an audience to send your emails to. We know how important this is, and we’re here to help. We help you find and curate the best leads—specifically tailored to your desired demographic. Once you have an audience, you can target them and the results will come.


Quality content


Email Automation


We believe that email marketing should be easy. There are many tools available, and we make the most of them. Automation allows emails to be scheduled, data to be analyzed, and conclusions to be made. We believe that your email should work for you, and it should be a simple and valuable marketing activity.


Email Marketing Design


Email marketing is a form of direct mail where you send out email in large volumes to bring in leads, build loyalty and develop brand awareness. Emails are easily trackable, so you can keep up on your return on investment. People can opt in or out of your email campaigns, but many people still regard email marketing as spam and will ignore it on principle. Overcoming this obstacle makes the use of innovative design and eye-catching content more important than ever.


Device Customization


We understand and recognize the importance of mobile devices today. With the rise of smartphones, wearable tech, and tablets, more and more people are spending their time on a mobile device. We know how important it is to have a targeted message for mobile users, and we make sure all of our content is optimized for mobile traffic. We don’t want you missing out on a lead just because they accessed your email on their phone.

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