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Email Marketing Platforms

30 May, 2014 McKell Naegle

While the strategy is the main driver behind a marketing campaign, how the messages are distributed is key to reaching the appropriate target audience and expanding your brand. Email marketing software can help create and manage lists, templates, and campaigns, streamlining the process for the user. Also, software platforms will help make sure that emails are not blacklisted or spamming recipients. With the many options currently on the marketplace, some software does its job better that others. The following are some of the best platforms currently on the market.


Mailchimp is one of the top-rated platforms. It allows you to create custom emails and templates, while keeping the price low. Pricing is based on the amount of subscribers on the email list. Mailchimp can handle very large email lists to very small ones without any issues and can easily integrate with social media platforms. It also integrates with mobile platforms and many apps. This is a definite plus since more and more people are receiving emails on their mobile devices. Mailchimp works well with all sizes of business. It offers good customer support and features, and it is easy to use.


iContact is also consistently on the top performers list. It comes with preloaded templates and also allows users to build their own. iContact has a very good support system that will help set up a campaign. Pricing is once again done by the amount of subscribers. iContact mainly tailors to small- and medium-sized businesses and is great for both beginner and expert users. It has great reporting tools and can create and manage online surveys. Overall, iContact is great for ease of use, customer service, and all of its features.


AWeber is also a good one. It is made for more price-conscious consumers, but it does not skimp on its features. AWeber comes with templates that are easy to use and allows users to create their own. It also provides great deliverability rates. Pricing for AWeber, like all other platforms, is done by the amount of subscribers. There are a few downfalls to AWeber, though: it is not compatible with mobile devices and it cannot host images. However, for a price-conscious user it is a great option. AWeber is geared towards small- and medium-sized businesses and offers great customer service, features, price, and usability.


Constant Contact is a consistent performer as well. It is the largest email marketing company when looking at number of customers. Constant Contact specializes in helping small businesses start email marketing. Like all the other platforms, pricing is done by the amount of subscribers. It is compatible with social media platforms and mobile platforms. Constant Contact is very customizable, but still offers premade templates. It can also help with online surveys, but that is an extra cost. Constant Contact is best for small to mid-sized businesses and comes loaded with great features, customer service, and ease of use.



Exact Target focuses more on larger businesses. It is packed with features and comes with several templates. It can integrate with other platforms and gives access to many other online marketing services. It tailors to a more sophisticated group of users and offers the features that they need. The pricing for Exact Target is higher than the other platforms, mainly due to the higher-end features and amount of subscribers larger businesses have. It has good customer service and great features, but beginners may have a hard time using the platform initially.


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