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Easy ways to Build your Facebook Fanbase part 3

31 Aug, 2010 McKell Naegle

Facebook tips(continued from Easy ways to Build your Facebook Fanbase part 2)

7. Timed Race: Write a post telling people to perform a couple certain tasks (can be any/all of the ones listed in this and earlier posts) The first 10 (can use any number) people to complete the required tasks win a specified prize. Click here to view Lion House Pantry’s facebook page

Lion House Pantry Facebook Page contest

8. Giveaways: Anyone who becomes a fan during a certain time is entered into a drawing for a prize. It works well to create a custom contest tab for your page that contains an entry form to fill out that is connected with an Excell spreadsheet that keeps a running list of entrants. The entry form serves multiple purposes: it captures the fans’ basic information- first and last name, email address, phone number. This is useful to have so as to notify the winner(s), but then you can also save the Excell sheet that contains their emails addresses to distribute future promotional information if desired.

9. Facebook Pay-Per-Click ads: You have probably all noticed these displayed in the sidebar of your page while you are using Facebook, but possibly don’t know how they work. These ads allow you to set the target demographic which individual’s profiles must meet to be shown the ad. These demographic categories includes the area in which they live (in relation to a certain city), age, relationship status, education level, interests, etc.  Facebook ads allow you set your price limit you wish to pay per day. You are charged only when the ad gets clicked on. Once your daily budget allotment is used for that day the ad no longer appears until the next day. The price per click depends on how many other people are advertising to the same target demographic, but is usually under $1.00 per click.

Facebook pay per click ads

Other Ideas:

  • Target your recent customers that have Facebook profiles and invite them to become a fan of your company. If possible, have them get on a computer and become a fan right there in your store before they leave. This allows all of your future updates to appear in their newsfeed and increases the chances of return business.
  • Create a survey for consumer research. The link to this survey can be hosted on Facebook in a custom tab and/or on your website. This survey can be used to measure how many of your customers are on Facebook, and what they would like to see about your brand on your profile.
  • Create a Facebook application around your brand. Suggestions for this depends on your industry and what products you are trying to promote. An application provides an additional way for your fans to engage with your company and interact with/purchase your brand.

We hope these tips help you and your business in your Facebook fanpage endeavors! Please contact Fluid Studio with any questions you may have or if you would like further assistance.

Note: These examples are case studies of promotions that companies have done in the past. We recommend you review Facebook’s terms and conditions before you commence a contest

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