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Easy ways to Build your Facebook Fanbase part 2

17 Aug, 2010 McKell Naegle

(Continued from “Easy ways to Build your Facebook Fanbase part 1)

4 – Tag yourself a picture: Post pictures on your wall or in a photo album on your page and require people to tag themselves in one of your pictures to be entered into a giveaway or drawing.

5 – Post the picture that receives the most likes or comments: After people have posted a picture on your wall, tell them the picture with the most likes and comments by a set deadline will win a certain prize. This requires them to tell all their friends to get on your page and comment/like their picture. See the example below from The Garden Restaurant’s Fanpage

Picture Scavenger hunt: This could be structured several ways. You can require fans to take pictures of a set number of certain objects/in certain places and post them to your wall. Winners can be chosen a couple ways. You can choose the best/unique pictures to win, or you can do a drawing of all entries and choose a winner that way. See the example below from the Nauvoo Cafe’s Fanpage

Another option is  to hide an object in your building or neighborhood and give out clues through your Facebook page to help them find it. The first person to find and return the object wins a prize.

Strategy behind these tactics: a person must be a fan of a page to do any of these required tasks (commenting, liking, posting a picture, etc.) If the prize is a good enough incentive, they will become a fan to enter and/or support a friend who has entered.

Also, anytime a person does anything on a fan page (write on their wall, comment, post a picture) it publishes in their news feed for all their 100+ friends to see. This can spark their friend’s interest to check out your fanpage as well.

Note: These examples are case studies of promotions that companies have done in the past. We recommend you review Facebook’s terms and conditions before you commence a contest

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