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Easy ways to Build your Facebook Fanbase part 1

13 Aug, 2010 McKell Naegle

(source: 2010 Research Spotlight on Facebook by Marketing Profs Research)

Every business wants to build their Facebook Fanpage, but how do you do it?

Here are a a couple creative ideas to help you be one of the Facebook fan pages that users love to “like”:

1- Post about a page in your status a certain number of times in a time period: require people to include your business’ name in their status update (1-3 times in a week)

Ex – I love the Lion House!

Lion House rolls rock my world!

I am a fan of the Lion House, are you?

2 – Post a picture with a description/caption: require people to post a picture on your wall of a certain item and include a caption describing it, why they like it, etc.

3 – Referral Contests: a fan’s name gets entered into the drawing once for each of their friends they refer that become a fan. This creates a “more chances to win” mentality.

Strategy behind these tactics: a person must be a fan of a page to do any of these required tasks (commenting, liking, posting a picture, etc.) If the prize is a good enough incentive, they will become a fan to enter and/or support a friend who has entered.

Also, anytime a person does anything on a fan page (write on their wall, comment, post a picture) it publishes in their news feed for all their 100+ friends to see. This can spark their friend’s interest to check out your fanpage as well.

Note: These examples are case studies of promotions that companies have done in the past. We recommend you review Facebook’s terms and conditions before you commence a contest

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