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Easier way to LIKE things on Facebook

10 Sep, 2010 McKell Naelge

Facebook has announced new updates for it’s popular “Like” button. This could be good for Facebook users (especially ones who often “like” things), but could be fatal for the “share” button’s fate.

Three New Changes:

1 – Facebook has now made it possible to like content within a Facebook application. For example, you could Like your friend’s farm in Farmville and that “like” would show up in your news feed stream and would link right to the application where it was liked.

2 -Developers can now make their Like buttons link to their Facebook Pages.

3 – This change gives developers the ability to display the number of Likes a specific webpage has received within the “box count” layout. This is the same layout that many of the web’s Share buttons currently utilize.

It is this last change that could doom the Share button. The Like button performs essentially the same function as the Share button, and the bonus for Facebook is that it’s far easier to use.

(original article can be found on Mashable)

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