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Direct Mail

1 Dec, 2008 McKell Naegle

Fluid Kit

Direct Mail is one of the many services that Fluid Studio offers – When you are looking to make a decision, here’s a few question to ask:

  • When the list was last updated?

Lists should be updated monthly, quarterly (average is every six weeks.)

  • Will a summary report that breaks out the counts by zip code and other information be made available to me?
  • You want your lists presorted by zip codes so that you receive postage discounts.
  • Is there a minimum charge for the list?

Knowing the cost of names/thousand will help you to determine the rate you are receiving.

  • How many times can you use the same list?

If you need the list to be a multiple-usage list, you can expect to pay 3times more than a single usage list.

  • What are my label printing options?

Laser, inkjet, dot matrix, etc.You have the option of printing directly to the direct mail piece or having labels affixed to the piece.

  • Can I include a secondary message?

ie, “preferred customer”

  • Will I receive a verification of mailing?

Customers should be expected to Pre-Pay postage.
A good result from a direct mailing is a return of 2-3 percent.

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