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Digg’s Facebook Connect Launches Today

6 May, 2009 McKell Naegle


Today Digg (One of the internets largest social bookmarking sites) is rolling out a long-awaited release of Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect allows Facebook’s 200+ million members to login and start Digging and commenting right away. If you’re already a Digg member, linking your account makes it easy to cross-post, sharing your Digg activities on your Facebook home page.

After connecting, you will now have access to Digg friend features, such as the green story icons that appear once a friend has dugg a story. You can also choose to automatically follow your Facebook friends, or invite your friends to Digg from your Facebook Connect settings page in your profile.

This represents one of the largest and more complex Facebook integrations to date. Over the past months, Digg has been working with the Facebook team to establish key standards and best practices, paving the way for future Facebook Connect partners. The team worked through several platform, data portability and scalability issues. They’ve given particular care to what the end-to-end experience look likes like as you enter, merge, or exit one or both services. The preference pages allow you to easily manage everything in one place and you always control the information you share.

This is going to be a great tool to manage your online profile and keep all of your friends in the loop. Head over to digg.com and login in with either your digg or facebook logins to check it out.

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