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Different Advertising During the Olympic Season

22 Aug, 2016 McKell Naegle

It’s that time again. The Summer Olympics were here and took over the world’s attention (and television sets) and we got to watch intently as our Country’s most elite athletes compete for Olympic glory and their place in history.

But amidst all the flipping, jumping, running and cheering, there is something else worth keeping an eye on. Over the years, there have been a number of controversies with athletes and Olympic sponsors, but all that’s about to change with Rule 40.

Here’s how it works:

  • Non-Olympic sponsors are allowed to submit ads with their athletes by January 27 for the Olympic Games and March 1 for the Paralympic games.
  • They must have a continuous schedule starting March 27 for the Olympic games and May 1 for the Paralympic games.
  • No ad is allowed to use any Olympic reference, logos or implications.

Since the rule has been put in place this year, there are a few companies that have figured out the trick behind this new rule.

One of my favorites is the Under Armour #RuleYourself campaign, with Michael Phelps grabbing consumers emotionally with his comeback story and training regiment.



Adidas created a #Speedtakes campaign that connects the Adidas team with the consumer by telling the athlete’s story.



Finally, Speedo created ads showing Olympic athletes like Missy Franklin, Ryan Loche, etc., training through “aqua fitness”.



Rule 40 is changing the advertising game, when it comes the Olympic games at least. Not only do I think it will decrease the costs for main sponsors, but it’s a starting point for these athletes and companies to show their support and promote their success.









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