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Daily Marketing Automation

23 Mar, 2016 McKell Naegle

As a marketer, I am busy. My coworkers are busy. Like, eating-lunch-at-your-desk-while-speaking-on-the-phone-with-a-client-texting-the-boss-back-and-responding-to-emails-all-at-once busy. I am always looking for ways to automate routine parts of my day to lighten my workload. I am all about working smarter, not harder. I am already working hard, but anything I can do to alleviate my load is always welcome.

Marketing automation is the current buzzword that everyone throws around without knowing its meaning. The last three words from the picture below are what really make me giddy: “automate repetitive tasks.”

I have compiled a list of ways that I automate several parts of my day. It isn’t only inclusive to marketing automation software; it also includes anything that I use to remove repetitive tasks from my daily routine. Hopefully at the end of the post you will be as happy to have gained some free time as I am.

Agency Analytics

This software is more for traditional SEOs. Their dashboard is excellent for keyword rank tracking, backlink monitor, site audits, social analytics, PPC analytics, and automated reporting, and it even has a white label option. As a digital marketer with a strong background in SEO, I spend a lot of time reviewing data, and Agency Analytics makes it very easy. You can plug in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, major social platforms, and Call Rail for call tracking analytics. One of my favorite features is the automated reports. When creating the reports you include your desired sections, set the date and chosen recipients and bam! You just received a major chunk of your day back.

I really can’t say enough good things about Agency Analytics. I have been using it for years. Since it can be white labeled, a dramatic feature that is sure to impress is the client login section. You can create logins for clients that only have access to specified data. They are able to log in at a subdomain of your site and at their leisure for campaign updates without having to bother you.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Being the nerd that I am, I could spend all day in analytics. I love looking at the numbers and tying them together, but alas, I don’t have time for this. When I check out analytics for a client, I quickly need to know some top key metrics. Generally the metrics I am concerned about are traffic overview, what pages people are viewing on the site, PPC campaign info, any goal completions (which vary by client) and phone call data that I have integrated with Call Rail.

You are going to love this next part. Instead of showing you how to set up this dashboard that would take at least two hours, I have already done the work for you. All you have to do is click on the link below. One you add the dashboard to the specified analytics profile, you may need to fine-tune it to your needs, but the heavy lifting has been completed.

Google Analytics Monthly Client Progress Dashboard

Google Analytics Scheduled Reporting

Just when you thought the dashboard couldn’t get any better, it does.

Once you have added the dashboard above to your Google Analytics, click “Email.”

Once you click on email, this delightful menu appears. When you realize what it is you will understand the feeling of real ultimate power! Okay, maybe not, but again, you just earned part of your life back. You can schedule automated reports to any recipient on any chosen date and frequency.

Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts

Continuing with Google Analytics, any time there has been a significant drop in site traffic, clients expect me to know even before they do. If I were to look at each client’s traffic on an hourly basis to be able to identify drops in site traffic, not only would I not have time for it, but I also would be stuck in my own special hell of repetition. Intelligent Events is a powerful section of Google Analytics that is often over looked that allows you to create custom alerts for just about anything you can imagine.

Social Automation

When creating a digital marketing strategy for clients, I always feel bad when I tell them about the social media section. Having to blog, tweet and create status updates is just another burden in their already busy work lives. Enter Hootsuite. If you haven’t heard of it by now, Hootsuite allows you to plug in over 35 of the most popular social media sites. When I say plug in, I mean you can connect your Facebook account, Twitter account and every other social media account that you have to it and even schedule your status updates through it.

I have found that if I take a little time at the beginning of the month and plan out each status update for each network and then schedule it in Hootsuite, it saves me hours and hours of work by month’s end. It saves me from having to log in to each network several times a day from both my computer and iPhone. Hootsuite also offers social media analytics, which give you an in-depth view of how well your efforts are being received, so you can run with what’s working.


If I saved only one reader one hour a day, I would consider the time I spent writing this article a success. I know that there are a lot of other pieces of software or life hacks that save you from the daily monotony of repetitive tasks. What did I miss that I could add to my list?


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