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Three must-have tips for any business

22 Apr, 2010 McKell Naelge

Your brand is made up of many things, one of the most important beign what others think and communicate about you. Their perceptions may not align with your objectives, but they are the way they experience your brand.

Every experience a prospect or customer has along the way can be considered a “touchpoint” with your brand. Each touchpoint either reinforces your mission statement and reason for being in business or detracts from it.

Below are three touchpoints to consider now (and work on improving if needed):

Your receptionist is often the first person anyone encounters.
How has she or he been trained to answer the phone properly?

Have you recently listened to ensure your company’s first impression is a great one?

Find out if he or she is genuine, positive, and helpful in directing customers to the right person or solution.


If every person in your organization shows appreciation to your clients for their business and prospects for the opportunity to earn their business, you’ll have customers who will come back again and again and refer others your way.

Give more than what is expected.

Are you doing this currently? Every time I work with certain vendors, I feel like I’m their only client, I’m greeted by name, and have someone focused on me personally. I know they are busy and I am just one of many, but I do not feel that way. If you can do this, you will have mastered what others have not and your business will be stronger becasue of this customer-centric attitude.

What other “free” must-have tips would you add? Feel free to comment below.

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