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Content Marketing Webinar Recap

5 Jun, 2015 McKell Naegle

For the month of May, Fluid’s focus was on content marketing. The culmination of this month of blog posts was our content marketing webinar.

Our special guest was Jonathan Johnson, who runs a nonprofit organization, the More Good Foundation. He has experience building content marketing platforms for many major corporations, including The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Blendtec. He presented the webinar along with Fluid’s own Dustin Cederholm and Phil Case.


Trends and Authority


The trends of today are forgotten tomorrow. It is important to understand your audience and how they think. Today anyone can be an expert. It is key to know who people trust. People no longer trust the old voices of reason, such as government and religion. People trust the unofficial spokesman of a company, the brand ambassador. If we don’t understand and stay current on how our audience thinks, then we cannot help them.


It is important to avoid being overly authoritative today. If we are too flowery or corporate in our content, then we will not resonate as well with our audience. A brand must create content that is shareable and that is sincere. Never forget who your audience is.


Content Marketing


One of the most important things about content marketing is your marketing strategy. It is important to have a content marketing strategy, to make sure it is the right one, and to create content with this message in mind. Everyone from the CEO to the newest intern should know your company’s messaging strategy.


The way to reach your audience is to implement your messaging strategy through strong content. People today have a very short attention span, sometimes as short as seven seconds. Because of this, you must create very shareable content with a message that is easy to get across. Some examples include images, memes, infographics, and top-10 lists. Good writing is still very important, but keep your audience and the ability to share your content in mind. Do not overlook the power of brevity.




Today many people say that email is ineffective and a thing of the past. This is simply untrue. Email is an excellent place to distribute content, as it is a unique content channel. Email is a place where you can aggregate your best content and send it out to your readers in a personalized way. Not only is email good for your customers, but it can also help you in the future. You can provide a call to action, test new ideas, see who is opening emails, and see who is responding. Email is very much alive and as effective as ever.


In Summary


The main takeaway from this webinar is that the world of advertising—and more specifically, content marketing—is always changing. If your business doesn’t continue to monitor and adapt, then you will ultimately be left behind as an authority of yesterday. Do not get caught in a narrow train of thought, look for opportunities to try something new, find new content influencers, and use this to focus on what is best for your company and the intended audience. By producing solid, well-designed content focused on your audience, you can ensure the ability to have the biggest possible impact.

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