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Having Consistent Messaging For Your Home Services Company

25 May, 2017 Guest Blogger

I know a lot of business owners in the home services industry who struggle with consistent messaging and consistent service (forgive my redundancy because those are the EXACT same thing).

I also see that there are two main approaches to marketing in this industry.

One approach is to have your owner’s voice on every radio station in the market talking about his mother’s homemade pie and how mom needs a new toilet (those two things should never be used in the same conversation, let alone the same sentence). This approach relies on a constant flow of new customers to pay the tens of thousands of dollars that type of advertising requires.

The second approach is to rely on your service to speak for you and have referrals and word-of-mouth advertising as your marketing arrow. This approach relies on constant and consistent service and outstanding value because you have to keep your customers for a lifetime.

I personally think that the ideal approach is different for every company and if you don’t offer value it matters not what you say on the radio.

We’ve had in-home experience with both types. One really bad and a few really good.

First the bad, and I hope the mass-advertising experience was a fluke because the tech they sent to inspect and service our air conditioner knew less about air conditioners than I do, and I don’t know much. This company suffered from an extreme lack of congruency between the owner-delivered radio message and the customer experience. I see their vehicles on the road and give them plenty of space because I fear their driving is as bad as their A/C knowledge. The tech wasn’t there to service my A/C, he was there to sell me a new system. Not what I wanted.

Now the good, and I hope the great value, word-of-mouth referral business experience we’ve had is matched by what you’ve had. We keep calling them because they do great work,  and they are involved in a project at our home right now. I love seeing their vehicles because I trust them in both home repair and driving.

Company size is not a factor in either having or lacking consistency and value. Large companies can be either and so can small companies. The key in effective messaging and communication is that what you say matches what you do.

Once you are offering great value and consistent service, ask your customers how they decide whom to hire and whom to rehire and you will have the base of your marketing strategy laid out for you.

I know the voices in Kevin Costner’s head told him “build it and they will come,” but the voices in your head say treat us well and you will come back.

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