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Client Appreciation Event 2019

23 Dec, 2019 Clytie Robinette Uncategorized

Another great year has come to an end.

For Fluid, it was filled with new clients and exciting new projects. We feel deep gratitude for the relationships we have with our clients, both new and old. We know that it takes a lot of trust for a business owner to share their hopes and their vision with an outside agency. For those who choose to share their goals with the Fluid team, we consider this a true privilege.


To show our gratitude, we rented a theater and invited our clients to come see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on opening day. We had loads of fun playing with a Star Wars-themed landing page on our website and creating an email survey that sorted our clients into Jedis or Siths before RSVPing.

On the day of the movie, we were so happy to see those that were able to break away from the office for a bit. We spent time chatting with those that came a little early.

It was a great opportunity for our new President and Partner, Kyle Curtis (below) to meet some of the clients he hasn’t had a chance to yet.

We handed out concession vouchers and raffle tickets at our welcome booth.

A few of our Fluidites went all out! Here’s Michaela rocking some Princess Leia buns.

To all of our wonderful, inspiring, forward-thinking clients, may the force be with you in 2020.

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