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Cats, Chocolate Twists and Twins: Meet Annlie, Our Newest Fluidite

13 Feb, 2019 Kayla LeFevre Fluid Culture

There have been a lot of fresh new faces at Fluid lately. And finally, it’s the Design Team’s turn. Introducing our newest Michelangelo – Annlie Stevensen! Obviously we had to know all about her, so we quickly bombarded her with questions about life, death and the meaning of everything. Just kidding, we asked her random questions that only creatives care to know.

If you were a donut, what kind of donut would you be?

A chocolate twist. It’s like a pretzeled donut with chocolate frosting.

What made you decide to go into design?

I loved my yearbook class in high school, and that got me on the track to going into a design major in college.

If you were a YouTube star, what would you be famous for?

I would definitely be the one that had all the cat videos.

What was your high school mascot?


Who was your first favorite band?

Backstreet Boys (and yes, I am going to their concert in August).

What is your favorite part of being a designer?

Getting to be creative and working with all different types of businesses and products.

Have you ever gone spelunking?


If you could have a country all to yourself, which country would you pick?

This depends… if no one is there then probably a tropical island, like Tahiti or Bora Bora. But if there are people there to still provide services and I just don’t have to deal with the crowds, then England.

What part of Utah have you NOT visited yet?

Arches National Park.

What made you decide to come work with Fluid?

A new adventure in designing and progressing my career forward!

Is a calzone a sandwich? Defend your answer.

I plead the fifth.

What are some other facts about you?

I am a twin!

Nice. Now, what other other facts?

I am a huge nerd, so I only have pictures of either me traveling or me doing nerdy things.


We can’t wait to see Annlie’s traveling pics when she finally makes it down to Arches.

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