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Camping Hacks: The Essential Camp Kitchen

10 Aug, 2017 Juliana DeMay

What you need to know about feeding yourself in the wilderness.

Camping. It’s awesome. My and many others’ favorite pastimes. Hanger (feeling angry from hunger) is the leading cause of fun-killing in the outdoors. There is a saving grace – the art of preparedness. This gift, skill, power, whatever you want to call it can make or break your camping trip. One set of gear can absolutely make or break a camping trip, while giving you the opportunity to wow your friends and family with incredible (seemingly) advanced wilderness skills: The Camp Kitchen.

If you can obtain these few items, you can make and create almost anything you can cook at home. And you can do it all without overpacking and bringing everything but the kitchen sink…sort of.

The Kitchen Sink

The water container (don’t forget to fill it with water) will serve for drinking water, washing your hands and washing dishes. Use the Tupperware container to hold the soapy water while you do your dishes. When you’re done, all of your kitchen supplies can be stored neatly in the Tupperware bin. If you are ambitious enough, put the water container on the roof of your car with the spout over the edge and viola – a shower. The eco friendly dish soap can double as body wash and shampoo.


Simple designs, compact and easy to use. A backpacking stove is relatively inexpensive and allows for endless possibilities for meals. If you can cook it on your stovetop at home, you can probably cook it on a backpacking stove. Two stoves are always better than one.


  • Fork
  • Spoon
  • Knife
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Kitchen knife
  • Cutting board

If you eat with utensils at home, you already have all of these tools. Bring one fork, knife and spoon per person and you should be able to have a relatively civilized meal.

Coffee and Tea

I’m a coffee before my feet hit the floor kind of girl – this is a crucial tool for me when I go camping. Simply boil water (with your really cool backpacking stove), put coffee grounds in the french press, pour the hot water into the press and wait five minutes. Once the coffee has steeped to your liking, push down the plunger on the press, pour into a mug and enjoy! A french press is a great tool to use for loose leaf teas as well. There’s nothing like a warm tasty drink on a brisk morning out in the wilderness.

Cook set

There are many types of camping cookware out there, and I have found that these three items are the most essential to prepping and eating your backcountry meal. In my experience, I prefer pots with a teflon material to anything else. Your food cooks better, and it saves you a lot of time and frustration when it’s time to do the dishes.

When it comes to camping, the simpler the better leaving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors. Preserve the outdoors for a lifetime of adventure and always follow the Leave No Trace guidelines.

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