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10 Mar, 2009 McKell Naegle


I recently ran across this book at Barnes & Noble and had a chance to quickly glance through it, and it seemed pretty interesting. In this book, Buy•ology, author Martin Lindstrom takes us inside the consumer brain. Why do we make the decisions we do? Through strands of research, he attempts to figure out what really makes us choose one product over another. This is where “packaging” comes to play. Packaging has power — enormous power — over what we buy. Think about this scenario. You have ran out of toothpaste and you run to the store. For some reason cannot find your usual brand. How do you select an alternative? You don’t have a chance to test the product so you generally pick a package that appeals to you or draws your attention. Many things factor into what makes a package stand out; design, size, how it stands out next to other packages, and what is promised on the label. Branding creates emotions and often is the first impression we get. Marketers know this and this is why billions are spent on packaging. Anyway, I haven’t read this book yet but from what I managed to skim through, it looks like a good read. BTW, I did pick up the book because of the cover design and catchy title!

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