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Building Business Through “Cross Ruff”

12 Sep, 2008 McKell Naegle

“Cross Ruff” is a simple technique based on leverage.  Here are the steps to “Cross Ruff” that many agencies have found effective.

  1. Take a current client’s product and think of a joint/co-promotion with other companies compatible products (generally a company that is not currently your client).
  2. Put the co-promotion in rough form.
  3. Call the other companies in the co-promotion.
  4. Introduce yourself as the agency of record for your client and present the rough idea of what you have in mind for the joint promotion.

Most companies you call will already have an agency of record, however, studies show that one third of companies who are currently working with agencies are unhappy and open to discussions with other agencies.  Companies who have used this technique of “Cross Ruff” have found that most of the phone calls they make turn into face-to-face meetings and companies are very impressed with the co-promotion opportunity offered by the agency.

So, get with your creative department and concept a “Cross Ruff” promotion.  Hey, it definitely beats cold calls 🙂

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