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Breaking news: WordPress/Twitter Integration

19 Dec, 2009 McKell Naelge

WordPress/Twitter Integration

WordPress has enabled posting to and reading of WordPress.com blogs via the Twitter API. Users can write a status update and post to a WordPress.com blog, have it displayed in the blog reading view and change what blog the posts go to. If geotagging has been enabled, the geolocation data gets exposed as well.


An example (in Tweetie) of what readers will see when they access WP blogs.


As social networks continue to proliferate and more tools are available for users, it is important the “big boys” like Google, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, and Facebook come together and integrate as much as possible. As CMS WIRE notes, “Common standards for reading and writing content updates, and how those updates will be delivered in real time will have to be agreed upon, eventually.” Working together will just help solidify their positions in the forefront.

(Thanks to CMS WIRE for the tip on this breaking news)

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