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‘Breaking Bad’ business takeaways

1 Aug, 2013 McKell Naegle


Who can’t sympathize with the flawed chemistry teacher Walter White, who initially enters the drug game as a side job to support his family? Walter’s entire world was flipped upside down when a doctor with a mustard stain on his white coat told him that he had inoperable lung cancer. This news inspires Walter, as Jesse (his drug-peddling partner) puts it, to “make some cash for your people before you check out.” In essence, Walter just wants to make sure his family lives comfortably after he dies; is that so wrong?

Walter may be an awful person, but his blue crystal-cooking alter ego “Heisenberg” knows how to make money and run a business. What are some things that we can learn from Heisenberg that will help us in our “blue” (yes, pun intended) collar careers? Here are five tips to help you get higher, on the business ladder:

  1. Come up with a business plan that will blow your vendors/partners away.Breaking Bad Explosion
  2. To get ahead in a competitive business world you must A) be smarter than your competition or B) have a product that no one else has. In this case, Walter is smarter than his competitors and offers a superior product that his competitors aren’t capable of replicating. Breaking Bad Meth
  3. Have a lawyer on speed dial just in case something goes south. But just remember, sometimes a criminal lawyer is a criminal.
  4. When it comes to hard decisions, always go with your gut to make the best choice.
  5. Motivate others to work hard. Gustavo Fring, breaking bad, walter white, breaking bad


BONUS TIP for true Breaking Bad fans:

Be the one who knocks

I am the one who knocks, Breaking Bad, Walter White


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